Water ONE or DOZENS of Trees at Once!

 Give That  Beautiful New $pecimen Tree a Healthy Start!

 Put Water Right Where it is Needed Most- The Root Zone!
Avoid Large Unsightly Water Bags and Inefficient Soaker Hoses!

 Protect Your Investment- Water Smart for the First Two Growing Seasons!

 Put Together a Simple Network Using Garden Hoses and Adjustable-Flow "Y" Connectors!

 Integrate into an Irrigation Network:  Water Flower Beds, Raised Vegetable Beds, Trees, and Shrubs at the Same Time!

How to Water your Trees, Shrubs, or Plants; Large or Small:

Healthy Root Systems Require a Balance of Both Oxygen and Water.

Setting the water height to 4 inches from a Trickle Ring with the holes UP will disperse approximately 5 gallons in 20 minutes!

Avoid Watering Leaves and Foliage- Keep Watering Height Low or Position Trickle Ring with Holes Down.

Water in the Morning to Give Leaves a Chance to Dry Before Nightfall to Reduce Opportunities for Fungus and Disease.

How Much and How Often?  Depends on Many Factors.  Five Gallons 2 Times a Week for Trunks up to 2 Inches Diameter Unless Weather is Abnormally Wet or Dry.  Sandy Soil Drains Quickly so Water More Frequently;  Clay Soils Drain Slower so Water Less Frequently.

​Low Profile Irrigation Rings for Trees, Shrubs, Flower Gardens, and Vegetable Beds.

The Most Versatile Landscape Irrigation Product on Earth!

*Water delivery holes face away from           the trunk at 45 degree angles.

*Simply Increase the water pressure to       increase the irrigation radius. *Effectively water small or medium               sized trees! 

The Original Trickle Ring Video,  2005